Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sukses - good bad and ugly

In more ways then one SUKSES was successful, Technically and Organization wise we were a success.

the good
On the field for the 1st time we had a champion from Gombak who beat Klang in the Finals. We had a good crowd there for the games and especially the finals. Now we have round 2 the Champion Schools

The ugly
The closing ceremony which the Majlis Sukan Daerah wanted to run was failure because the people who wanted to take charge of running it did not know what to do but too shy to ask. In the end a lot of red faced and a poor lady MC that was caught in the middle of all of it. On our part we did our best to help her thru and manage the situation. Its the least we could do

The bad
Key word used form time to time "Tiada peruntukan" no wories the show must go on. In the end as long you have a tournament without any hitch and team can play in a healthy environment what else do you need. No fund , we will go and find the funds. We must show if one door closes on us we must find other doors not sit down and wail.

For the record, despite the hiccups form the earlier reps in SHA and MSN, we have manage to step in and built a good rapport with MPK & MSN.

I has the distinct pleasure of sitting down with the top honcho of MSN and we actually had a great conversation in the words of Jerry Maguire: Help me... help you. Help me, help you.

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