Friday, June 03, 2011

I am perplexed

I am perpelxed, at times confused and at others a little irritated by this thing we call comminucation between friends

Eg 1 when someone does not sms or call you in a while and you reach by phone or sms and say hmmm "Hey how you doing not heward from you in a while bla bla bla ..." and you get a reply.. "Well I wanted to see how long before you would get in touch with me" and I am like WTF???

Eg 2 a pal facing a prob so you ask if everything is ok and you get a repla yeah I am ok... aparently that is a lingo to say " no no no I am facing the mother of all problems and I am waiting for you to ask me properly, or ask me a few times before I can tell you about it" and I am like WTF???

More to come


Svejjen said...

I'm sure it wasn't me.

Anonymous said...

Haha.. so true. I came across people like that before and my response was just like you... perplexed and like WTF?!?!