Tuesday, April 07, 2009

2 unique things today


Happy Birthday Junior Vadai

He turns 8

as a baby3rd birthday

3rd birthday

Also I saw something unique

Tiny and dying but still-powerful stars called pulsars spin like crazy and light up their surroundings, often with ghostly glows. So it is with PSR B1509-58, which long ago collapsed into a sphere just 12 miles in diameter after running out of fuel.

And what a strange scene this one has created.

In a new image from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, high-energy X-rays emanating from the nebula around PSR B1509-58 have been colored blue to reveal a structure resembling a hand reaching for some eternal red cosmic light.

Red represents low-energy X-rays, the medium range is green, and the most energetic ones are colored blue. The blue hand-like structure was created by energy emanating from the nebula around they dying star PSR B1509-58. The red areas are from a neighboring gas cloud called RCW 89. Credit: NASA/CXC/SAO/P.Slane, et al.


Anonymous said...

Message to birthday boy : HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Muuuuah!

- tp -

drNO said...

happy, happy birthday, he's charming...
again..happy eight birthday...

darthvadai said...

TP thanks

Doc - Yeah very charming and thanks Doc

marie said...

Happy Birthday Jr Vadai!!!

darthvadai said...

Thanks Marie