Monday, April 20, 2009


Yeah yeah I have facebook and in one of the most amazing thing I have come across across facebook is the unexplainable ability of network efficiency and the craziest way to bump into people

I have met school mates of mine I have not met in over 20 years Thiaga and Jothes, friends of friends and relatives and far distant relatives.

Today I was elated to meet an old friend from the Taman Gembira days, Jackie. How? Well here I was again commenting on Gerrard's page and suddenly the name came up and an unmistakable surname. Lobehold after a flurry of msgs we added each other.

I am like WOW amazing

Time flies but memories remain, and there are worthwhile memories


J.T. said...

This FB thing is amazing, isn't?
It has been the best thing for me since being away from the country.

When I first moved away, it was just emails and letter-writing. Now, it is all real time. Just amazing.

darthvadai said...

Great fun. and Now I have found you kakakaka