Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flatline anyone?

Back in the hey days of IRC, people of all kinds of characters and shapes and sizes used to walk in and out after a while, the need to identify one self with an ID that that ID stuck with you when ever your are online. Soon that became synonymous with you when your cyber friends became real friends. Before darthvadai I was defcon and in certain IRC channels we were regulars meeting up people form IRC was norm, not like in suych meeting we wear name tags with our ID name but it was nice to put a face to an ID.

As I said in my opening line you make good friends and bad friends some move on some move forward, just like everyone of us life does go on. Having said that I have made a lot of friends and enemies (hey no one is perfect) form my online friedns. Some of my best friends are frens I have met and got to know via the internet. So after bout 4-5 years to bump into an internet 'fren' is amazing

Last nice after my social hockey club meeting, we went to SID's, my first time there but it was a simple place at Bangsar South. I got to thank Faren and Roy for showing me the place and the 5 of us with 2 others had an interesting broad range of conversations relating from social hockey, marriage to marketing and BPL etc etc

The I went to the gents.. I saw a familiar figure, I was thinking to myself ? could it be? nah!!! the other person did not recornise me and I went back to my group.

Later on the night I butmped into the person again and I prompted the question...Hiya are you so and so from a certain IRC channel??


I met flatline!!!


Anonymous said...

hows flatline doing?

darthvadai said...

He is doing good

Anonymous said...

arghhhhhhhhhhh.... u met flat???? good good. still with his poney tail?? n still tht handsome??


darthvadai said...

AMD - oooooo no pony tail.. why you like the pony tail flat ka hehehe

Handsome?? itu I tak tau but good looking as usual