Saturday, April 18, 2009

SHA & me

For the record, I was elected as a Vice President of Selangor Hockey Association today.

A letter I wrote to a fellow blogger

Dear Sir,

I did not write to you at this juncture to ask to cover SHA but merely engage in a dialogue on how we can administratively, productively over come camps cliques and try to steer the council forward progressively

I was thinking with you vast experience in looking at other organization, state, club and at country level maybe you could share guidance and idea in an interesting chat. Engage peopel like your self and other sports people on current issues facing the sports freternity today.

I have been a long admirer of your blog and the basis in which you write it. I am not here to criticize or cause hurt. I have been in hockey all my life as a player, umpire and administrator both at club, state and national level, I am excellent at what I do, I know the paperwork, I know the administrative and the scope of work and always learning new areas each time,

But today I was brought in to the other sided of the coin as an elected official sat a higher level. While the fundamentals are the same the challenges are different.

SHA btw is Selangor Hockey Association

There is so much wrong in the manner we look at thing, the manner we carryout activities that I am not sure where to start, I agree this task is not all mine to burden but there is a weight responsibility, maybe I can call it conscious that everything not done seem to be important enough to be done.

There is the constitution that need to be "upgraded" to current times

There is the competitions committee that need to start running a league that had been dormant for 3-4 years

There is the finance committee that need to bring in fund and weather thru this current economic conditions

There is the development committee that should not limit it self to developing players but infrastructure that is decaying, not well maintained and being closed down

Thank you for your wishes and I will extend to you the list of officials as soon as possible.


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