Friday, September 26, 2008

Event-full Thursday

Well its not quite the Thursday I had imagines getting my self into it started off well my chilling haveing my Vege's and listening to Mark, the gang was no where to be seen, I was surprised think I was the only one being away after a few events it turned out a lot of them did not come. Anyway its nice being there listening to Mark.

Marks played his number and a few special ones for me except he still cant play surangani

After that headed to Oswego, was chilling on my own listening to my good frens sing, was enjoying the alone time till about 1030 when the gang snaked in jeff, lewis, bara, maya.

We had no idea it was Danny's birthday so we played a prank on him, after being told by imee it's danny's birthday after midnight we quickly rounded up a cake well a slice, we got lor and david to go up pretending to sing thenw e requested a birthday song, Danny played the song not realising the song was for him and the whole gang and some from the other table lead by David gave hin a lovely birthday song

We all got a chance to go on stage even the Great Tanni Sami my twin belted out a song

all in all was an awesome evening and night


Anonymous said...

nice birthday treat. so spontaneous..


Pausbiru said...

Sanjay can sing?

One Women's Thoughts said...

commie sings? :) hmmmm this i hope to see someday....

Anonymous said...

he had a bald of a bday??