Monday, March 09, 2009

Birthdays in PNG

I discovered many things in PNG, new bartenders that after 5 months of training, how to give peanuts for tips, met Alex the only Serbian in Malaysia, a new place to relax called "Be At Nienty Two" code name "B@92" and of course a food galore.

Firstly B@92 was a nice cost place playing jazz and simple old china shop concept, the scooter at the entered was a dead give away. It is ther eI was coached and learned bout Belated birthdays, Earliness - Earlieth lol birthday and Birthdays, the cusine was superb, we makan makan, I also learn why you add a lemon/lime on to a Corona

• The lime was used to keep out flies/dust in Mexico in times gone by

• Early bottles of Mexican beer were sealed with non-lined caps and the lime was used to wipe away the rust

Eventually We left the place to check out a nother joint named the royal, a regular hanging out place for Amanda, its alright and they have a unique concept coz at 11pm supper is free in the bar it self so you dont have to go out and makan accorting to the asst F&B manager.

I also manage to get a bottle of Swing and Green on a good price.

Then there was the food galore there was mango, there was coffee something and two little piggies for the little kiddo that only likes to eat the eyes, ears and note of the little piggie hahaha
before I got on a nightmarish bus journey which because of a burnt crane a mere 10km stretch took 3 hours to pass. Up and above that frigging PLUS hotline went unanswered oh gosh I was in fury lol


Anonymous said...

Excuse me, the scooter is not death, can be ride n its belongs to Alex .


darthvadai said...

Waaaaaaa can quote lagi in my blog AMD short form for Advance Micro Devices ka the chip making company.

Yeah I can imagine Alex telling you ... Amanda... go ride the scooter...get more tips

Dead give away not death lol

Anonymous said...

Darthvadai ur backside itchy arent u ? miss my flying kick is it!