Saturday, March 21, 2009

Its the eve

Come April 1, to coin a phrase I would be involved in 4 weddings and a Funeral, starting with my cousins in Penang, my cousin end Jan, my uncle funeral and prayers culminating this coming Thursday, my cousins wedding today morning ( feel drained) and one of my long time buddies wedding Scuddie boy. In between that is me good brother and frequent 'ginger' chicken rice lunch partner Commie's bday.

Amidst all this I had to face off a office political bomb, separation of staff, have a quiet birthday taste old friends and meet new ones in somewhat of an effort to live in this cycle called life. Since I gave my mother my 2nd mobile number I had a lot of stick from certain people, my message was simple, I cant be carrying 14 numbers and change them all the time. I stick to one number and progress forward.

In the coming week, I must thread carefully (Snow when we celebrating ur bday) at thins as they are very critical, I have taken a few days away from work ( a miracle aint it) in an effort to charge, step back and relook.

Monday is gonna be interesting. for now, its 5am time to prepare to leave.......

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