Sunday, March 22, 2009

kd lang - Hallelujah (London, 2008) Leonard Cohen

This song back fomr the 60's kind of got discovered by the new millenium producers and has become the "goto" song for irony and broken dreams/spirituality. Ironically, on it's surface it seems religious, but it's a sixties song, and find the lyrics and read them. VERRRRY disturbing , haunting and beautiful.

No one's cover of the song EVER came close to KD Lang

I posted this in my facebook and I am compelled to post it here... This is a tough weekend for me breaking off away form Funeral prayers then to the wedding then the reception the aftermath Sunday morning and returning to the funeral prayers has shaken me, drained me.. as i was walking past starbucks this song players, forget religion forget faith just feel the song.... death....


thoress said...

i luv this one

Anonymous said...

Check out Jeff Buckley's cover from 1994's Grace - you will think twice about your opinion!

Anonymous said...

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