Monday, March 23, 2009

Warp Speed

The day is still not ended.. started off with the wedding in the morning of my bro Scuddie now its the fastest wedding of all Indian wedding I mean it took me longer for me and Commie to finish breakfast then for him to get married hmmmmmm maybe if I get married again I do the same style

So woke up at 6am to a 7.30am wedding in PJ why coz the traffic is a bitch... then bakc to port Klang to pick up mum and Chinnamma to Bangsar for a final family visit before Chinnamma goes back to Sri Langka, lunch there at a relative place then drive back all theway to Port Klang take mummy to the tailor then BNS back home by 3pm,

Junior Vadai had crabs curry today so had to 'assit' him to eat,

Later on will head off to my uncles place in subang for the prayers and hopefully with a strong drink (if I can afford one) and KO coz today i was on leave and tomrrow I work

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Anonymous said...

hehehe! juna is jealous coz she likes to eat crab too!