Thursday, October 30, 2008

Deepavali kat opis

Well not withstanding the fact there are now double the number of Indians (from 1 increase to 2 lol) in the office as per what I usually do it was a dewali breakfast with a RM 200 budget Held in the office pantry

It was fun and my MD also joined in, the basis was traditionla indina food like tosai, idiyappam (putu mayam) and idli was available wiht fish curry and sambar and chutney... slurp

We also had an assortment of traditional indian cookies from muruku, acchu muruku / toothachi, ghee ball, and ladhu

Nice but work still comes 1st

In the end I had a surprised pair of visitors, one of them a lovely darling of mine.... pull them into the pantry for makan

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marie said...

Happy Deepavali Vadai!