Monday, October 13, 2008

The weekend

Well Friday was a blast..... had a free flow work day with the dinner coordination being the biggest egg. Having a co driver was a big help.... hint hint

We had to withdraw cash from the bank and thank goodness the signatories were there as I had made a mistake putting the wrong dates on the check... growing old i guess (hint hint).

After withdrawing cash a quick discussion with the President and VP on the program wiht co driver giving the VP tips on being an MC hehehe

Heading back to KL was a stupid idiotic jam contributed by our boys in white, then again in Malaysia the yellow box is meant to be occupied

Later on at 5pm it was back to the hotel to finalize the details, having a huge downpour only contributed to the mess. We finalized a few things hten a quick Chinese tea and dinner paid by the President lol we finished at 8.20pm

Friday night was Jeff's birthday at Backyard... staring about 11pm, Commie had buzzed bout where to go but it was a grid lock in PJ.

Of all the people to call me for a drink was a pal of my from a IRC whoom I had not seen in a long long long time.

Everytime we wanted to meet we were either in different parts of the country or tied to something, since I was gonna be in Backyard later part of the night and he happen to be in Bulldog I inched my way to the sprint highway... literally inched and then hopped on to Sprint.

I was rewarded with a nice pint! well all in all it was 7 pints but hey who is counting, a good pal, a pub filled with good crowd not to mention the girls Plunkie was checking out (ahem)..

Then the biggest surprise was Bara joining me at Bulldog and it was load of fun as we were bantering and making choiced remarks... guys being guys

Jeff birthday was a blast, good fun kids and adults but I has to retire early in the morning, rested a while in the car before driving back and had to be at the stadium by 7am

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