Saturday, October 04, 2008

Maybe the last dance...

With the roll of the dice or the stroke of the pen or a choice between circumstances certain priorities have to be put on hold. Torn between wanting to pursue or stepping back will always weigh in the mind. Nevertheless when it comes a time to make a decision it must be made.

Over the holidays a fellow drinker was having a chat about this song Bakit Nyagong Ka Lang , a song I had blogged about and related to in this blog many a time. Loosely translated why only now... Thru you life of and on we are why this is happening to me now!!

We aint getting younger and decision maybe at 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 years old all weight differently no 2 decision can be the same. but we learn from it, what that does not beak us will make us stronger. There are times when I have had to see events play before my eyes and history repeating it self and learn well from it, the aspect is not letting emotions getting the best of you, the ability to be stone cold at times its not necessarily a gift but many a times a curse.

Such is this week.... for all said and done I was amazed when someone tells me I gave up so easily, raged engulfed me, I was in fact rocked. Me give up hehehehe, I may procrastinate but I dun give up easily, be it at games, relationships friendship or even life, I tucked my arms and fought my way thru and I be dammed if someone gonna pasate that label on me,

No Sir No way


Anonymous said...

the argument is not settled... matter still unresolved... it depends on how you look at it... i still stand by my comment... TP

darthvadai said...

Glass half full glass half empty thats all