Monday, October 13, 2008

Office Raya Party

Talk about bundling everything into one

We had our group Raya party at the office

We had the Selamat Pengantin Baru

and get this

Birthday Gathering for the past 6 months ( nuts)

Anyway it was food galore and yours truly had a bite of everything... see the benefits of being able to eat anything and almost everything.

They had prizes for the best dressed Malay in traditional costume. the suport for the guys side was poor only one contestant but we shortlisted 6 for the female side.

Good fun


tjfran said...

Hi Darth, haven't been following your blog for awhile, just dropped in again and seen your updates. You've been faithfully blogging as ever!

Your son is so tall now..:)

Anonymous said...

hi, tis is absolutely the only raya feast that i didnt attend since i left.since my chance has passed out mind if i m asking u : when wil u have the best dressed award, next raya maybe, to prove tat we 3 are stil the best ever!?luv , mummy waielah..

darthvadai said...

you did not attend ah hehehehe

we had the best dress award this year....

mummy waielah and me, if we both participate in the best dressed we both win hands down no competition at alllll