Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pretense - this gonna burn

1.pretending or feigning; make-believe: My sleepiness was all pretense.
2.a false show of something: a pretense of friendship.
3.a piece of make-believe.
4.the act of pretending or alleging falsely.
5.a false allegation or justification: He excused himself from the lunch on a pretense of urgent business.
6.insincere or false profession: His pious words were mere pretense.
7.the putting forth of an unwarranted claim.
8.the claim itself.
9.any allegation or claim: to obtain money under false pretenses.
10.pretension (usually fol. by to): destitute of any pretense to wit.

well all said and done time and time I am face with this subject. Especially with its amongst, friends, colleagues or even acquaintances.. the sorry part is you can see right thru it..

So on Friday midnight after Junior Vadai and I went to the fun fair returning home at mid night I am heading home parking the car when I get an sms invite for a Raya party at a frens house at the lunch the next day and to bring another friend called Z along.

Unfortunately, Z kind of blurted out and ask me if I could show him the way 12 hours earlier.... my plain simple and direct to the point reply was " I am not invited but I can tell you where the house is near..."

When you know you not invited I offered the assistance on direction and mind my own business and made my plans...

Then I get an sms from the host inviting me at midnight!!! I kindly decline saying I can makeit... then another sms .. why!!! I said I already made plans and wish the host good night.

Maybe I should stop being nice and said ... excuse me if want to invite pls la invite early... dun last minute... and if you want to invte me on the pretense coz you want someone else to come, make sure I dun know about it lol

lessons learned hahahahahaah fark lessons learned

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