Monday, October 06, 2008

Purtasi Sani Lunch

Well its was time for another round of banana leaf lunch with the Purtasi Sani prayers at my Grand-in-law place, the old lady that I visit year after year for this.

We had fun bigger crowd this time and I had 2 kids to look after on my left and right. the best part was eating yes yes eating payasam of the banana leaf hahahah slurpy

It was fun oh yeah

Along the way a few administrative issue regarding Junior was laid out with a basic simple ground rule, no simple carrying pal-kudam for a rhyme or reason or just coz its a sunny day. This would be the last time such a scenerio takes place.

With that and a couple of burps it was lovely afternoon


Anonymous said...

hahahhahahaha! i can see d only biggest kid w/ d black shirt & long hair sitting down

darthvadai said...

all kids have to eat.....