Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Time to cook!!!!!!!! - Vadai take over the Kitchen

Well we had a superb Sat night and Sunday preparing for our big cooking session of a simple vegetarian spaghetti.. we had cut the vege all the night before the next morning would be a breeze... poor fella look so sleepy in the morning but once he got into the groove there was no stopping him

There was a lot of mincing, cutting squeezing fresh tomatoes hehehe it was nice once a while a squirt of tomato would fly off... he loved the mincing of the garlic, putting the spaghetti in, sautee the capsicum and etc etc abnd lovely onions... check out the size of that onion made lovely rings


tjfran said...

So cute watching little vadai cook!

Anonymous said...

my whole family is laughing at you cooking in tat last year TFR t-shirt! kah kah kah. mummy waielah

darthvadai said...


TFR tshirt good ma where the pic of you in the TFR tshirt lol