Monday, October 13, 2008

The weekend take 2

This year I had a free hand running the tournament, we ran it with 10 teams

The biggest headache about tournaments like this is the timing, the clock can run out and we will be screwed, it can be from teams arriving late, to the weather playing havoc.

Taking this all into account and the fact the dinner is in the same day at 8pm, you got to finish the tournament with team having enough time to rest, change and then party!!!!!

... and that we did, running it like clock work, we started 30 minutes late and completed 15 minutes a head of schedule. The 2nd round, the rain was a bitch but nothing much we can do about it we still had enough time

Good Planning, Good Team work and Good support

thats one of our guys, we work hard we play hard, he wanted to blast the horn for fun... why not!!! enjoy!!!

The 2nd round draw drew some dry humor comments we all hard a good laugh

The dinner was smooth and teams had fun.... we have lessons learned but over all, I pat my self on my back lol

There were some part of the events were not that nice but over all most of the performances rocked. Bala my bro is top class then the dohl was superb had the crowd rocking.

What those 3 guys doing in the corner I dont know lol. My date for the dinner had to go early but everyone enjoyed themselves... I had a blast a few hiccups on elements beyond our control but we rode out the storm...

Dancing was great one of the guest at my table a fren's fren was sitting alone so brought her to the dance floor only to have the Ambassador trying to hit on her sheeesh lol, well she is gorgeous but had 2 left feet, in the end we all went home safe, tired exhausted but a job well done.

Would I do it again.... Helll Yeah

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