Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Jen had an interesting blog this morning, nothing personal or directly attacking about it but it hit the nail on the spot

When we blog, its a personal diary, its a fashion, its a trend like it or not its out there. People who blog comes for all walk of life shapes and sizes and know what they write coz its their personal view. What we as bloggers type are out thought, our feeling our...etc etc etc at that present time.

Aint no crime

The crime is people who read them and formulate an opinion, a judgement and take action based on the reading against the person. Oh boy how many times have I had to defend my self against people who read my blog, going gun blazing and having to justify. One could say F.O to them and move on but we value them and trying to justify, maybe we are just too nice. Now its simple ....Simple, if you cant take what is written in future dont read.

Reminds me of a recent episode of One Tree Hill where a time capsule was stolen. The student had put a time capsule of their innermost thoughts and feeling for the future so no one present would read them. Good or bad, right or wrong it was read and immediately people resented each other. To make a long story short something are not meant to be read dun read, if yuou read and you dun like... cant do anything about it.

Back to bloggin... to quote " Here's a thing about blogging.

When you start blogging you end up writing all your deepest thoughts.

Sometimes that's good, sometimes it's not.

Sometimes you seem to be over-inflating that ego. You can't be humble on a blog, or in a diary.

You can't!

You can TRY to explain yourself away, but it'll sound like you're creating excuses to those most cynical and paranoid people who read your blog.

They'll put in cynical comments, either in their own head, or by commenting on your blog.

It MAY hurt, it may not.

It MAY cause trouble to your real time life, or it may not.

If it MAY, it probably CAN and WILL.


And yes when the sun goes down and the cows come home we will still end up debating about this.

Life goes on


Angie said...

I pernah shut down my blog becos of some idiotic man giving me headache! Now I started a new one and I hope nobody will disturb me again. So I totally understand what you mean!

Merry Xmas, Vadai!

Anonymous said...

i also kena to one particular idiot. suka2 je asked me to tarik balik my blog. NAAH no point i tarik balik cus for me blog is smtg yg kita tulis abt what we feels

Merry Chrismas,Happy Holiday!!!!!