Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Glass Half Full, Glass Half Empty

Outlooks in work, life, relationship are like this, everyone got a different view. IT is not the same as everyone got an opinion.

Like it or not when we view thing we naturally tend to see things from our perspective, no harm in that. That the way of life. It becomes an endangerment is that the only point of view you will accept.

Case in point of a cousin getting married. Married on not acceptable circumstances. WTF not acceptable to whom? The 2 fella gonna life together and they ready to face it after almost 8-9 years of relationship and here you are going gun ho about it.

Do you know the guy? NO
Have you talk with the guy of the family? NO
Have you met or interacted with people of they culture or way of life? NO

Dun want to ask any more question, just zip up and shut up.

Time have changed and will continue to change. Rules and way of lives of the past are all evolving. Change is upon is why is it so difficult to let people be the way they want to be.

Is it a crime if they choose to life the way they wish, with who they want?

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