Wednesday, June 28, 2006

World Cup - Quarterfinals

Firstly, I am one of those who want to give Puyol(Spain) a slap at the back of the head for gifting an unnecessary freekick that gave France the lead.

Having said that, Commie who was dancing to a Ghana Win, Dude you suck!!! Get the ball across the goal line.

Now the quarter finals already

Germany vs Argentina - Damm good one, syok!!! must sit mamak and watch
Italy vs Ukrain - All due respect toe Ukriain, I pass on watching this
England vs Portugal - I watch this is nobody buys me beer, why England (who I admire on paper) have never lived up to their potential and Portugal already lost key players as Jen said .......(forget what Jen said)
Brazil vs France - Hell I aint missing this even for sex, this is going to be a hubba hubba match, the strength of the Brazalian defence will be sorely tested

My mouthwatering ties will be Germany vs Argentina and Brazil vs France


Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

Germany vs Argentina, to me is the final before the final. Brazil vs France will come close.

Anonymous said...

world cup final Germany vs France