Friday, October 13, 2006

Deepavali at Sentral

I had heard so much bout it so when Kalai brought it up we all met there bout 7pm there was nice place to cuci mata, buy cheap stuff (if the finance provides for it), a free concert, and food heaven.. the concert kira ok la

There was the MIC gang guys and gals all going jalan-jalan, we let the girl go their way and the guys was on cuci mata patrol.... we wanted to makan so snaked out looking for food and we found by the roadside near YMCA one of the best simple Yong Tau Foo.... what else duduk and makan laaaaaaaa.... it was clean and hygenic enough for us.


Angie said...

Dearest Vadai... Happy Deepavali!!! Hey wats ur address? U staying at the same place right? then i have the address... thanks!!! missing u muchie much much!

darthvadai said...

Same address in Klang also same addresss

me ah staying different place lol