Saturday, October 07, 2006

My week

This had been a roller coaster week of both emotions, stress and most unbelievable ending to a 5 day week

I have been cluttered into multi-tasking and at the same breath a project I had understand proved to produce a grave bold error in the naming of the company... I had expected the worst of it and yet the same document proof read by 4 people non one of us saw a mistake that stood right in front of our eyes. The buck stops with me and I stepped up to the plate and took responsibility but the hammer did not fall. Maybe it was not my fault, but I felt it. Maybe

Monday I stepped back into futsal (not playing aggressively) to stretch out my leg and it felt scary at time when I over exert but it was good and the medication working.

Tuesday-Thursday was in many ways a whirlwind late hours, a chance meeting, hanging out with frens and a bisik renvendous

Friday - I weather thru an ironic situation of salary scale in an are you measured? How are you valued in the organization? By your qualification? By your experience? by your looks? by your competence? And such was a ruckus of a situation when one on my collegues was on fire when learned another colleague was earning more then this person.

In her own way the shit had hit the fan, I did my best to keep a lid on it and eventually mellowed out. My advise you aint happy with what you earn, get another job or ask for more please... throwing a ruckus only belittle your value...what you earn reflect your power and ur value and all that you are to the organization. Never compare to another colleague even if it was the 3 stooges working there.

Friday also I received news that an aunt of mine had cancer and had to go for an op. I dun communicate well with her as we are both head strong, but an illness like this if she was in KL I would have gone. Sis went to PNG. I know I may be brutal, as mom said as brutal and direct and hard as I am, I would never kick a man while they are down. So I called her and spoke with her and spoke to my uncle. I may need to go to Png if she does not recover.

Friday I was out of the office after lunch handling a few clients and some task...met Jen for a transformer session (that another blog report) and then to waikiki just to watch Bala... heck I earned it. I know what I am going to face in the coming weeks and what's I had gone thru recently.
Bala in Action

The shock of my life and the greatest surprise was meeting a bunch of great guys from my previous job. Here I was having a beer to Jen's Malibu in walks in Silesh. These were guys who work for the distributor company and soon the whole bunch of fellow that I worked with almost 4 years ago were there. A reunion it was, the sharing of old memories with Bala rocking in the background was awesome. Com showed up with Lilian, nice to have her there even thought I am not held in high regard. Later on Com 2 related ladies showed up suddenly we were a full house. L showed later and joining the crowd but the list of uninvited unplanned people went on and on and on Beem, Kalai wow...everybody mixed well with everybody
One of the few time that night a lot of thing hit me good bad and joy and pain was sometimes a bit too much for me... I left early..I noticed a tail on my ass...politely I said to back off.. I could still walk to my car...and respectfully drive home.. and I did just that and resigned to the night watching the moon by the pool side

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