Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lemming!! Malaysia is full of Lemming

There I was being buzzzed by my HP indicating an SMS had arrived, my gud fren had sms me "Lemmings!! Malaysia is full of lemmings.... and so the msg went.

Initially I did not realise the impact of the implication of the message. Only after a rebuttle sms that went like "Your point would be?" was a voiced reply.... I laughed at the reasoning but it also dawned upon me how true the sms was.

Aside from the idiot driving on the emergency lane.. of course

.It is the "lemming syndrome".... one morning everyone will wake up and start running down to the ocean and start swimming out..... it will never occur to anyone to turn back and they will all drown..... they just do it... well it aint a Nike advert

So what does Lemming mean..

A "lemming" became slang for someone who would blindly follow someone else no matter what, even if it was an incredibly stupid thing to do, against all common sense, against self preservation.

Clap Clap

Aint some of us in our lives are like that!!! So are you a lemming?


Svejjen said...

knnccb... took my line and blog for the day...


Ironically, I wasn't out there to be part of the lemmings... I was actually working... knnccb...

I hate long holidays!!!! Except when I'm having it all to myself... and the people that matter... muahahhahahahaha

foreverinteresting said...

what's Lemming actually ah?

darthvadai said...

Lemming ah better you go wikipedia.... hehe its an animal

foreverinteresting said...

ohhhhhhhhhh ok!! I'm human so guess I'm no lemming :)