Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A parasite

While I was going for a corporate buka puasa, I could not help notice the trees along the road had lovely orkids on a parasite concept. The word parasite rang a big bell.

"I've noticed that I retain good memories about or involving people I still like...but I remember next to nothing good about people I come to despise. If I do happen to recall a positive experience with (or aspect of) a person I hate, or a person who left me, it is laced with regret and furious disgust. I tend to pound out every good feeling I associate with hated ex-friends, because...I guess...the idea of having ever felt good with or about such people just mortifies me. Contrarily, recalling happy moments with people I wish hadn't left me, I get only that sense of regret, only for very different reasons."

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