Saturday, October 28, 2006

Payback Darthvadai vs Idiots-We-Call-Relatives Part 1

Coming from a big family where everyone has an opinion....there are times when I have had to hold my tongue ( I am not one to hold my tongue). Topics such as tradition, religious beliefs, marriage and many sensative topics had lets to the "Great wars"

Lately I have found that I now hold the gun and the bullet and many a time I have 'lastick' the elders not for the pleasure of doing it but to show them the light...

I need to gloat and pump my chest here but I am the ONLY cousin that makes it a point when I head to Klang to visits my Grandaunt/Grandma... with or without money in the pocket, I make sure as a grandnephew/grandson her need as taken care off, even if it means to sit with her for an hour by her bedside and just talk or let her talk. I have blasted my cousing many a time over this. Family is important not matter how far no matter how away, no matter how busy MAKE THE TIME

Act 1
One of my elder cousins who talks to the younger cousins based on the education level, many a time when we are part of a conversation M would join us and end up make it a single conversation with J or R coz like they more highly educated then me, so being polite keep quiet le or slowly walk away. This week in front of M. My exit story was "Sorry J&R, I betetr excuse myself fromt hsi conversation before I get alienated for my lack of education." Ding Ding Ding!!!
Darthvadai 1 Idiots-We-Call-Relatives 0

Act 2
A cousing that I am not close to (a war with her) getting married to her lover of many years in India, despite after graduated, parents tried to bring her here to work etc etc the classic try to make the girl forget the boy. (Parents are ego ppl aslo but they help out others), so marriage is arranged and she will live in India with the Brahim family. Despite all that I hate her, and I emphasize the word hate, I wish her all the best. Uncles aint happy

Scene 1
At No 7 house, Deepavali pre-dinner mutton (yum yum), No 7 starts, " You know ah ____, this girl, S is getting maried.... I dun like, not smart etc etc etc yada yada. Vadai juz says "Pakcik, Dun involve me in this conversation, dun talk to me, none of your brothers and you included are good in judging marriage and you have a history of making noise and after the 1st baby is born, you all go running to the baby and mother with tails tucked between ur legs. What ever I have against S, you dun talk to me bout it or let me hear you talking bout it!!!" Ding Ding Ding!!!
Darthvadai 2 Idiots-We-Call-Relatives 0

Scene 2
At No 2 place, come up to me and say in all sadness "You know that girl getting married, what a big mistake yada yada yada... and we can say anything nowadays" My polite curt reply "Yes amman, those days you all follow the leader... when one brother say all of you sing the same song even though you know its wrong... you have made a public mess of marriages, in the family, today you regret...welcome to the real world"Ding Ding Ding!!!
Darthvadai 3 Idiots-We-Call-Relatives 0

Act 3
Scene 1
At No 1 place(got big history here), upon leaving he mutters I wont live long, tears among bro's and wives start flowing, on the ride back they all began to comment how the kids dont visit them or dun take care of the father enough... being away I did not now this story(refer to old blogs).. Blasted me uncles and aunts.... call yourself family ..those days you all turun in cars to cause problem but today you brother left alone.. no guts to call the children... a wail of reply saying they cant say a curt reply "Let me show you how its done!!! Ding Ding Ding!!!
Darthvadai 4 Idiots-We-Call-Relatives 0

Scene 2
I am not the the eldest cousin but I got a big mouth, so I put it to gud use.. No1 3 kids are the eldest so driving back calling the 3 of them over for tea which they surprising oblige... they show up and I line my cousins up. (Looking as my old blogs you czan se ethe amount of respect I got for my no 1) Hear their side of the story and then blast away. They know they are wrong, I did not ask to be judge and jury but when uncles who cant solve a simple problem like this whe the heck are they uncles for if they can advise their nephew and nieces. I set a time line for improvements and not letting No1 dies in misery. Secured a commitment turn to my uncles who were present and said this is how you do it. Ding Ding Ding!!!
Darthvadai 5 Idiots-We-Call-Relatives 0

Act 4 Classic

A cousin gave birth, (not close to her but respect the father a lot, on the wedding dinner I had to give an impromptu to speech for the Groom side) so borught the bay out before te 30days grace period etc etc Traditions!! No 4 started berating behind the back why and who can they do this/ My curt reply "Look watever they belive in they brought your granddaughter to show you as a matter ofboth respect and love. Can you please zip your mouth to to the hall and welcome them!!! Why do you care so much about tradition? Its a baby out there!!! Ding Ding Ding!!!
Darthvadai 6 Idiots-We-Call-Relatives 0

From the start go, I never asked to placed in a position for me to score points but lately I am being placed in that position and it come to my face and I am fed up not addressing it. So the score goes

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foreverinteresting said...

Sometimes things happen. U can't help it. Sometimes speaking out what exactly u have in mind is the best because we want to make a difference and to set people right. Some may regret what they did later but i think what's important here is that if you feel good then what you did was definately the right thing to do. Who cares what others think? We have to live our life for ourselves and not for others...