Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday morning

Done enough reflections overnight and enough mourning, then again you can never mourn or grief enough mourn enough. Woke up heading to office for which I hope will be the last leg of the Raya card.... had breakfast the beehoon pork noodle place at my regular place and headed to the office...

Slowly we get into the grind of this just a matter how long it would take to complete it....

A gud buddy of my fren always had said I am too nice to everyone... I lookout for everyone too much... I cant help it that me.. but when I am hard I cut ties off.

Last night I told _ point blank, there comes point when being pushed too much I wont turn the other cheek anymore. To be accused of cheating or hiding behind one back is a world of a difference compared to keeping everyone happy.

Lots of if and buts ....if decidced only I matter and no one else..then that a whole different story.... time to get to work... the devils that haunt me will reappear again despite last night


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