Sunday, October 01, 2006

Shumi Wins!!!!! Damm what a race

Star of the Race
Michael Schumacher, Ferrari, 1st

This was a classic Schumi performance and what a race, Shumi was the dog the toughest dog in the pound from 6th on Bridgestone man...."The Rottweiller" for his aggressive demeanour in the dog world Shumi showed no mercy..he locked his jaws down on this race, shook it up and then wouldn't let go. It was a classic performance in that it showed all his best qualities - perseverance, speed at the right time, the ability to adapt to changing conditions, and making the most of a little bit of luck. Not tied on point wiht Alonso the next 2 races are fantastic not going to miss it

"It should have been Fernando Alonso’s race, but in the end Michael Schumacher’s 91st career victory earned him sufficient points to match the Spaniard’s score in the driver standings as they head for the penultimate round in Japan next weekend."

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