Friday, November 10, 2006

Child Abuse Awareness Program

Last month I was in Concorde hotel for an appointment with a client who was staying there. Back from the days when Concorde used to be my home away from home, it was nice to be back in there again. Sitting in crossroad waiting for my appointment show up. I noticed a box at the entrance with various kinds of bears outside. Upon closer inspection its a collection for a child abuse program. Digging my wallet for every dollar I could find I was more then Happy to part with it for the cause. 20 bucks to raise fund for Child Abuse awareness. Who not?

They would deserve it more then me. I had about 30 minutes of waiting time playing with the doll and ended with the following pics. I felt happy that a small contribution

So one end up on my dash board!!!!

Parting Words

Quote "Before today is over, 3 CHILDREN WILL DIE from being abused. At least one of them will be a baby - less than a year old. They other two probably haven't yet celebrated their 5th birthdays. More than 510 other children will be physically abused today and another 270 will be sexually abused. In total, over 2,700 children will be abused today.

Tomorrow - the horror starts all over again, just as it does everyday. "

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Angie said...

Good for u dude!