Saturday, November 11, 2006

Single/Distant Parenting

I am not going to pretend that single parenting is easy or even a desired lifestyle choice for the majority of people, but when I am able to look beyond the vast challenges, I am able to recognize some positive benefits.

Parents and children alike hate to be separated by distance. It robs you of the close hour-by-hour relationship you always dreamed of having with your children. It strains the already-stressed trust between you. The easiest action by far is to resign yourself to being an uninvolved parent, enduring the semi-annual ritual of gift-buying without significance, visits without joy, and phone calls without feeling.

Cut the crap. Call, talk relate the events and you find some solace. Watever put you in that position does not matter anymore not to anyone at all... your build your relationship from where you are. People who be negative about what you are doing, give them the finger and shut them off. They are no good to you. What good to you are people who dun give you support? Support does not mean constant prodding but who knowing when to keep shut.

Do not let anyone alienate you or your position?

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