Saturday, November 25, 2006

Taking a Break

Date 25th Nov.

Sitting down in my home mind blank, down with flu

Last post here was Nov 19, going to take a break from blogging

Mentally exhausted why

1. Working damm to hard
2. Some people who over analyze me and my conducts
3. Some people who just cant shut up
4. Family playing politics resulting in a trip to Ktn to assert my self and draw lines.
5. Finance eating me up
6. Discarding old ghosts

Along the bylines of this Jnr Vadai was having a bad stomach resulting him in vomiting 15 times when I met him he look so sick but happy to see me.

After sorting Ktn out despite some friends who were in Ktn or had return to Ktn for the weekend... I choose to be by my self...Sitting in Hyatt beach chair listening to music was the solace I had.... Sting of course and a touch of Bob Dylan and Metallica.

I did get a few bugging sms for them to join me but I had already closed that chapter long ago. S0 slam the door shut and enjoy my night. Bout 3 headed back and snuggle with Vadai.

Time get me strength back. Taking a break

Commie, its 25 days ready



Anonymous said...


I kind of know what you going thru and I watch you on you own. I know you have the strength to stand on your feet.

I dun know your friends and I wont comment but I here dude


Anonymous said...

Take it easy Vadai.

Angie said...

Huggies... hope u r feeling better...

darthvadai said...

thanks angie but so far no

Angie said...

What happen la... I am sorry I am out of the picture for a while... but how r u? Really hope I can do something to make u feel better... Hugs!