Thursday, November 09, 2006

The shoe on the other feet

Call it Ironic but when the shoe is on the other feet, reading a few blogs of my frens and looking at my outlook in my social side I kind of notices the roles reversed. Heck I got socialites who were not even sure of the meaning in the beginning.

Right now with my working freelancing on some jobs and juggling a few events , I hardly have time to meet or hang out with friends but contarary to other I still make an attempt to keep in touch with that matter to me. Unfortunately tehre are still people who hold history against me and adopt a certain bias-ness in their judgement. Do I care? NOPE

I have had a topsy turvy week thus far starting with being wisked away for PD for a nice full moon outing to come back to a rough week which resulted me travelling to Klang a bit (since they know I am in KL) and juggling my freelance job. Expences going higher and finances going lower( a total saperate blog)

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