Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Crazy Sat / Beach Club Sucks Last Night

What started out as a routine weekend with a conference call penciled it turned out to a scary Sat evening..... I was chuggling away at y blogs and chats while I was getting ready for my tender work in the evening.. soon it was an sms then a phone call from Klang followed by a flurry of opinions....ever since the fact the elders knew where I lived its been a back biting issue. Did it make a difference if I was 300 miles away or 30 miles away. Nothing changes.

Finished the conference call (thank god only 30 minutes) I sms Kalai and Beem for plans... then I just sat there for a few minutes...The walls were closing in.... then an sms... just fed up... put the card on the table said I am going to go out of the house, my mind was blank... started the car and sat there for a few minutes

Driving a little aimlessly I settled to go to beach since Com gonna be there with Sunder it would be a welcome distraction, XXiee was going to be there. Along the way I sms a fren knowing she had bigger things to handle, then apologised for smsing her... Driving into the parking lot I met a face of a fren just sitting by the mamak stall. Sam!! my 30 minutes with Sam was a welcome relief and it help me talk about what I was going thru as well give me enough distraction.... I wanted ot go home then but Sam pulled me into Beach. Commie Xxiie and Kris were already there chugging away. Commie kept ribbing me about me not drinking... (I shall have the last laugh)

I had coke and I did not have to pay for it, sitting down wiht Xiie and Com head banding was a nice scene. How ironic that at one instant the roles that night were reversed (Xxiee and I gonna put an ironic poll online) dun know if Sam sense I was getting better but he slowly slipped away...I sat there on the couch and let the ebb flow away. Xiie was good company so was Com and I enjoyed their banter. Managed a few smile but the events of the evening kept playing in my mind.

Beach Club last night sucked royally. Not coz I was not drinking the music was so retro and so bad I could not even take my mind of things.... Com 2 frens were trying to pick up chick there for a nightly got lucky I guess.. Watever expectation I had of the place since not being there after a long time was a definate let down that I whispered to a fren I was going home early. Imagine that!!! So they adjourned to mamak where I had a milo ais then I drove home. Reaching home I gave Sam a call thanking him.

Time to sleep....

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