Sunday, November 12, 2006

Deepavali part 2

Meet my SAC- Special Assiatant Cook who want not only to boss others in the kitched and well as participate, mind you actively in the activities. Wont take NO for an answer, kind of reminds me like me when I was kid always poking my nose in the kitchen.

Anyway we had a lovely cooking session, and this year coz we are on a tight budget we made all the cookies at home. Later on that night we had 1 round of crackers session. It was lovely.


marie said...

when am i going to get some cookies? i want achi muruku its my favorite

darthvadai said...

sudah habis lo

this year budget tak buat banyak

Angie said...

Aiyoh look so nice!!! I wan to play too la!!!!!!! so nice!!! Glad u enjoyed ur deepavali with lil one!

darthvadai said...

play for you wedding la
i help you

Yeah one of the few moments he gets to enjoy to the max and I spoil him to the max