Thursday, November 02, 2006

Weddings & 7 steps

Already my pocket is running empty wiht the number of wedding I have had to so solo and with family and some with frens... from September till not and the trend will carry on till almost middle of Dece,mber.

Here are some pics from frens weddings one of the kicks I get from this ... I am an expert in tying sari!!!

Enjoy the pics

Bless them.

Many always ask me what the 7 steps after they tie the knot means as the walk around the fire to confirm the marriage as the fire (Agni) is the witness, the Priest will say..Bride and groom rise and prepare to take seven steps. Priest continues:

I ask you, (bride) and (groom), to concentrate upon these seven vows as you take the seven steps:
1. May the couple be blessed with an abundance of food.
2. May the couple be strong and complement one another.
3. May the couple be blessed with prosperity.
4. May the couple be eternally happy.
5. May the couple be blessed with children.
6. May the couple live in perfect harmony.
7. May (bride) and (groom) always be the best of friends.

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