Monday, August 07, 2006

The Apprentice Foreman

hahaha!! This is one episode I wont get fired from so they are stuck with me!!!!

How this came about ... Jen has always been offering me the ooportunity to work on my car at his garage, way back from even before his daughters birthday. The distance, the inexperience, the humility of going there was causing a lot of hinderance not to mention the tightening of the wallet. Push come to shove, my quiet, but draining weekend (ahhhhhhh) turned into a fun Sunday after some work I headed to his place bout lunch time.

We started working on the car, Project Nissan Sunny. Like the series American chopper there are times when the Sifu must step in and there are times you must step up to the place. Without the fear of being blur, I asked the questions to then my knowledge bout car maintenance and servicing would grow. I did hands on a various number of things and there are times I would ask that I do some of the tasks.

We worked on the following, Window Washer and pump, the air-condition, the wiring and the radiator fan. The Window washer pump ( I owe Jen one set and Jen owes his dad 1 set) was services , rehosed and being an old car. The mechanics of resetting the nozzle and flushing the nozzle was not an easy task. The finished result was a success.

The aircond was toughie, learned how to actually service the aircond, vacuuming it, the importance of refrigeration oil and getting it to work again. Jen, I did not forget to put the window up today morning hahaha and yes I felt the cold air. I did not dare ask Jen bout taking pics of me working on the car, with the fingers all greasy.

I got under the car, into the car, learn how to use the proper tools. Tube cutting, flaring etc etc Got all greasy arrhggh arrghhh arrghg (ala Tim - Home Improvement)

The wiring was not an easy task. We had to call the Sifu's Sifu. The Sifu's Sifu landed with manual for the car, the frigging schematics for the wiring the cables.

Salute the Sifu's Sifu

A break for tea to recharge and refresh we got back to work on the radiator fan, we noted that the bypass was done on the fan and it made it on from the onset instead of operating only when the temperature rose.

We finished, tired drained and beaming with pride of the task we accomplished...headed back to Jen's Place....


Svejjen said...

LOL... sifu's sifu damn cool... turn up w d book... just sit there reading... n the problem is solved...

darthvadai said...

thats why he the chief sifu.

I was blown away with the book. Imagine that

Anonymous said...

well done!!another new experience which adds on your skill and knowledge.
Jen is the man- makes a good friend.
Ok are you ready to fix my car now? the wiper stil waiting for you to fix.

Angie said...

My car my car! Thanks in advance Jen!!!

marie said...

jen... work on my car also can ah??/ heheheh

Cathy said...

Err i can also use an helping hand :p

darthvadai said...

I think Jen would rather work on you instead of your cars

hubba hubba

Aunty Angie get your semut to do ur car

Cathy you helping hand for which the car or you.

Anonymous - belajar sendiri

Svejjen said...

people people... I have a very simple statement to make.

ANYONE is invited to come over to the workshop to work on their cars. The tools are here, a spare part shop is nearby. The sifu is here to show you the way. All I ask for is a meal in return. Now remember... I WON'T repair ur car for you. I diagnose, and tell you what to do... and... YOU DO IT.

(sits and enjoys the teh tarik while angie works on the car... gives a few instructions here n there)

darthvadai said...

so u see the sifu going to sit back but the apprentice is ready to work on you and you car... how about it ladies hehehe

Angie said...

Oh oh oh... like that la... sit down and relax while watching me fixing my car... plus curi tengok my ass la... muahahaha... thats a good idea... Ant's car has a lot of problem... maybe we can belanja u eat our wedding dinner la... then u have to give angpow balik ahahahahaha!!! Huggies!