Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wish this week would go away

Cant recall where the week went?

Monday - No futsal
Wednesday - No badminton

No workout this week, lots of stress, deadlines, principal visits, met Macroman from Singapore was good to see him. Offered a job in Singapore not sure if I wanna go back there. Ironically L sms me the same thing. Told Macro I gave up a lot to come back here not sure I an ready to live a life there again.

I sometimes wish the work would bugger off. There has been principal visits past few week and I guess it taking it toll on me.

Yesterday pouring rain was the pits, so god damm heavy drank some Rhinathiol slept and woke up late inot the night, a light dinner.

Today morning woke up to find news of death again, this time a distant uncle who I was close to back in the 80's pass away this morning, woke up at 4am to the call, rush to make the visit before heading into the office.

He lived to a ripe age for 94, I wonder if I would live that long or want to live that long. Thats a topic for another blog.

Friday Scuddie and Commie will drop by me place, 1st time Commie dropping over after his accident. Scuddie would be the 1st time after the WC finals.

Sat I am a chuffer, Sun I want to sleep.

Sigh I wish this week would disappear

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