Thursday, August 17, 2006

Singapore style : women definations


Logic: This is her perception of the situation done to her best liking.

Solution: Ways to solve problems that suits her taste.

Democratic: It is either her way or her way.

Freedom of Choices: We have two choices and they are “YES” or “OK”.

Freedom of Speech: Words spoken is what she wants to hear.

Equality: Man and woman have equal rights but woman retains the benefits of the weaker sex.

Beauty & Spa: Her glamour is your honor, so you must chip in a part.

Electronic Gadgets: To her is a waste of time and money but demand surround sound and plasma when watching her “Huan Zhu Ge Ge. (还珠格格)”

Soccer: 22 idiots chasing for one ball.

Golf: Pay money, sweat under the hot sun, whack the damn ball and then start searching for it.

Great Sale: Buy first, then think of the use later.

MANGO Sale: Buy first even if it doesn’t fit her because she has plans (started planning 3 years ago) to loose weight.

Save Cost: Drive from Jurong to Carrefour because the Milo there is 10cents cheaper than NTUC.

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