Thursday, August 10, 2006

Badminton- Pushing the envelope ....

Badminton- Pushing the envelope especially when u get whacked

Badminton today was good. Had a good session to loosen up before the game dun know if it contributed or not. While warming up Jen decided to handicap me as his racquet whacked into my tricep. Damm it stung as the band formed on the muscle. Yes beneath the fat I do have muscle.

It was throbbing for a while but I was on fire as the game went on and one. I had never smashed and fought in a game that way and was pleased, but like I have always maintained for me its a learning curve, stopping careless mistakes, learning new techniques, reading the game better and most importantly having fun. I am a good loser but I get angry with my self when I know I can do better.

I enjoyed the game especially the last set as Jen playing opposite me poured it on and attack me. I remember 11-14 down 1st serve in their hand, my partner chanting saving energy for next game ( WTF??) I fought killing both their servers to life to fight another day. I juz smiled at my partner( "Aint over yet sonny" look on my face) fought back to 13-14. Though we lost I loved it.


Svejjen said...

Just a question... because I really can't remember... was I attacking you, or just attacking anyone as I felt like it?


All a mindless haze I tell u.

But honestly, we were down 10 - 4 at one point, so to come back up from that, I think is one heckuva job done...

(has the muscle pains to prove it)

darthvadai said...

u were game on