Thursday, August 17, 2006

my oh my oh my

my oh my oh my

one of those day what you wake up in the morning and feel your age. Double Sigh.

It was not a good game for me in badminton coz I was not feeling it. You know when your in the zone or close to it and you give it your all. You also know when you are not in the zone.

Ricky had asked Jen to partner me, and later on I asked why many were keen I that combination, point blank, in short, pair the strongest with the weakest in hte group on the court. No prizes for guessing who the weakest and the strongest. My curt reply to Jen was Not for long. I was serious in that.

Jen and I paired off for the 1st game against Uncle's Son and Tar boy and got hammered over in 4 minutes 15-0, I was like WTF 13-0 on the 1st serve. Decided to play another game 15-2 this time, we had our noses rubbed in.

Played a RM1 game wiht Peter (asshole) but because he is elderly we give him respect as Jen label him "The Little Runt" Lost the RM 1 game but later on in the night we came back to beat the Runt out of the court. He left after that.

I guess I better label myself a diesel engine as the 2nd half was a tremendous performance. 4 energy sapping doubles matches. It was great to beat Loh & Partick (The Great Wall of Malaysia). Jen and I took unbelievable, un-saveable (if there is such a word) out of sheer determination and at time cow luck.

Thoress showed up on the 2nd half and played with determination and a corn up her ass. Orthodox as her playing style might me she gave it to the guy and then again, of course I got to share her ‘milk’ lol. Having Thoress around is like fooling around with a buddy. She is nice down to earth and you can have fun jibbing her.

We played a couple more sets then went the distance. Every paring want to kick our ass and against Patrick and Loh, Adel and Tar Boy. We were at a stage, mind and body nothing left to offer except just returing shots.

Final set… Boooya a pair of 20 year olds (TAR boy and adel versus the 30’s Jen n me) damm we were on the ropes but we won and feel fucking great. Booya!! There was nothing left to give and I was on my knees after the game as my legs gave way. Every exchange won we like gulping air to recover...I got to focus more on my body and health these days, woke up today with phlegm in my chest and as I cought it out it was greenish… popped a few pills from the house pharmacy and back to work.

The weekend going to be a hard one.

I miss subbie, xxxieee


Anonymous said...

I'm here I'm here.... Miss you guys oso....
I know... geographically we're all spread out, but as long s we think of each other.
Thanks for the sweet sms ....We meet nex week wokay?

Love u too!!!

Anonymous said...

vadai mari I massage you

Svejjen said...

Dei... here's the rub...

While they're pairing the two of us together, our opponents are STILL gonna go at you.

Essentially, you're on your own out there...

Sooner or later you're going to have improve... if not I'll be the one to wallop your arse...


Dinner was luvly tho'

darthvadai said...

dinner was awesome

aiks my ass.... it sonly for a woman

back off

Angie said...

Why u nvr miss me? ;(

darthvadai said...

Aunty you too old for me hahhaa

you already picking out wedding ring and got finacee and hot plate

Anonymous said...

wahhh i forgot to add.. the pic of the guy getting a massage is so nice... he looks veri the relax lehh... I OSO WANNNNN... kekekekke!!! where to get arr?? I wan to enjoy the massage n haf the same kinda 'rested' look like this guy wan....

vadai u so mean lar dun miss angie wan...old oso can miss marrr.... *thwacks vadai...*

angie: i lebiuuuuu..i miss u... i lebiuuuu.. i miss youuuuuuuu...miss u miss u miss u....


darthvadai said...

subbie u miss the aunty ah..... ishhh

massage ah i pun tak tahu looking for one

Angie said...

Hampir nak menangissss... Pam, love you tooo!!! muacks muacks... miss you tooo!!!