Friday, August 18, 2006

What a stupid headline in the NST today

High degree of sexual promiscuity and ignorance on campus

18 Aug 2006 Shamini Darshni

KUALA LUMPUR: They either have no fear or are ignorant. Either way, Malaysia├é’s best and brightest are flirting with AIDS and death every day, suggests a survey of private colleges and public universities.

One in two young adults are having sex. Unnerving? Try this. Eighty per cent of them do not use contraceptives.

Latest figures show that sexually-active university and college students, between the ages of 18 and 25, do not even think about condoms when they hop into the sack.

What bloody century are the dumb researches living in?? Hellloooo? You don't need a researcher to tell you this. Its so evident, not to label all students as sluts but from back then its evident?

Sheesh what a waste of time. Wei its so bad it seven happening in schools and teenagers, but I guess that will only beresearchedd and made a headline in year 2010.

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