Sunday, August 27, 2006

Kop end - 100 years - damm it feels good

As an adrent supporter we refer to our self by names for Liverpool is Kop. Y? Coz.. thats the famous end of the stadium where send shudder down the spine of opponets when they start roaring. The life to any stadium is not in its capacity but in the voive of that capacity. The KOP end is like no other.

The stadium was built in 1884. In 1906, the banked stand at one end of the ground was formally renamed the Spion Kop, after a hill in Natal that was the site of a battle in the Second Boer War, where over 300 men of the Lancashire Regiment died, many of whom were from Liverpool. At its largest, the stand could hold 28,000 spectators, and was one of the largest single tier stands in the world. Local folklore claimed that the fans in the Kop could "suck the ball into the goal" if Liverpool were playing towards that end. Indeed they could. I had the honor of one home game at the Kop end and it was electric.

It's the greatest football stand in the world, but less of you may know that it will be celebrating it's 100th birthday on the 26th August 2006 when the reds play West Ham at Anfield. Since the 1960's they have sung "You never walk alone" and koppers never walk alone.



MrScuderria said...

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once a Scouser, always a Scouser!!!

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Svejjen said...


Good week in the EPL for me... 'Pool n Pompey both win... miahhaahhahaahhaha