Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Weddings and Funerals

Today a frens father in law died. My condolences. Died of old age and yet the doc tried to prolong his death by 6 hours. Go figure.

Couple of weddings comings up. Already 2 shortlisted and they are just frens, relatives coming up also and a long ago exgfren tied the knot. I do home I get an invite for that. (How much emptier can an empty wallet get?) Time for more part time assignments and side income

As a fren would advise "Gambateh!!!"

Wedding and Funerals
It’s an unfortunate fact that an unfortunate event brings people back together. But it’s fortunate that it does bring people back together, you know what I mean.

When I posted a blog long ago bout a death of Aids... I related what I said in the above paragraph to that.

Just a matter of time

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Svejjen said...

Unless medicine can come up with a way to keep me happily hanging the pen when I'm 75, PLEASE don't try to keep me alive if my kidneys and hearts and lungs and whatever organs that fail and can kill me by doing so actually do so.

If I have to be a vegetable, den I'd rather be dead... and not spend that money trying to stay alive. Who gains at the end of the day? The fricking doctor who's making life miserable for the vegetable by prodding him and feeding him with chemicals.

"When it's time to go, you just have to go"