Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wow its 1 year

Today is the 1-year anniversary of this blog. When I started this blog I had no idea what I wanted to do with it and what focus it would take. I jump on the band wagon of my frens and chatters having and maintaining blogs. It seems after a year it is a mish mosh of things with a little bit of me mixed in. I have done over 400 post and some aint pretty, I made new friends thru my blog and some enemies too...whats the heck its a free world.

But I can happily report that for the most part, the folks on the blog end I've met have quite social, rounded personalities and a few odds and enders. Most are simply everyday folks who had a penchant for observation and a desire to communicate to a broader circle. Others have rather esoteric, interesting backgrounds and look for a venue to communicate their work to a much broader audience. In either case, this is all Good Stuff - when you strip away all the other mumbo jumbo of life, friends & family are the most important thing you've got left and blogging's had a positive impact on this all around.

Blogging has, however, let me indulge my passions in areas outside of my work. Like I said in my first article, I've always had a deep interest in just about anything (mat kepoh) but I have never shyed away form confrontration, accusation, misinterpretation and ididots who use me or my comment or my blog as a weapon against me or my friends.

Due to blogging, my thoughts are more well formed, crisp, and, groomed for the savage beating of Internet intellectual opinion. I'm thus well armed for conversation at the bar or office water cooler.So, I've learned something new, met some new folks, fleshed out a few interests and participated in a new, emergent social online dairy.... All at a cost of about 20-30 min a day. As a hobby, I think it's something I can see sticking with for at least another year ;-)



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happy birthday vadai's blog.

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