Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fustal - All about the heart - bloody

Futsal was great yesterday, got a knock on the ankle...heck aint a game for softies.... It was an uphill match 5 on 6 and we held the line well

I have to salute the 'korean' Tim, that bugger is a real kimakaze in playing and for the 1st time I was playing alongside him. Playing with a man less does have its disadvantages, but you could hear no one complaining... We fought hard and was losing 12-4...But we soldiered on. Effective we were playing well with Tim and I playing back leaving abang and Pok to marude upfront but they were not mobile players, heck almost half my age and they cant run as much as I can. Playing with lesser number of player requires heart. If you aint got it you can take a hike. For the 2nd continuous week, abang pulled out limping and making him a walking liability.

Every 50-50 ball we went for closing down and fighting hard. eventually it tool it toll on us but we did have FUN.

My ankle ...fucking hurts why coz I played wiht my heart and the keeper (without malice I hope) took me out at my ankles, saw a doc for 80 bucks but as my good fren would say Gambateh!! I played on hobbling a little but committed to the team


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