Monday, August 14, 2006

Reflection - maybe for just a minute

I need to reflect for a minute. How do we measure success? At the end of my life am I going to regret any amount of time I spent at the office, calling clients, having meeting, etc. Is that what really fulfills me? The ends justify the means they say. Juggling a fulltime job and a part time on the side lines can be quite compelling and at time down right frustrating. Aside from fatigue, mental fatigue and trying to juggle a life in balance, it really takes it toll on you. But you do it coz you need to earn that much.

Looking at the perspective of a housewife (based on mum) I really understand housewives I think. They work hard keeping a household together and, although they don't get paid, they are rich in moments, in memories, and cold in pain, hopefully they are appreciated by their children and, their husbands. They may be the only ones who really have their priorities in line.

Since entering the corporate world I have had having misgivings. Is this really for me? It is so hard to be so good at something but realize that is doesn't necessarily bring you joy. No matter when I was lecturing, managing, programming there was often the question, if this isn't right for me and I am good at it, what is right for me to do with my life? I am just blabbering some of the thoughts running through my head these days. Perhaps I am having them because I am always tired juggling two jobs and, therefore, trying to find satisfaction in my acheivements.

Right now the option is to provide. To provide the best and appropriate for those concerned. That the plan mate!!! Gambateh!!!

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