Friday, August 25, 2006

The roll of the dice

The Star Front Page Cover showed an accident victim a tree landed across her car. What if I told you that it could have been me!!

KUALA LUMPUR: A woman was trapped in her car for two hours after a tree smashed into it at the height of a storm here.

The woman, in her 30s, was driving along Jalan Tun Razak at 5pm when the 6m tree uprooted by strong winds landed on her Nissan Serena.

Driving down Jln Tun Razak, not feeling well I headed off early, dropping of a co-cowkrer at Ampag Park... Passing the underpass at the golf club I proceeded forward coming out of the under pass, driving forward near RHB (Opposite Time) I head horns blaring behind me and in my review mirror I could see something leaves on the road, quickly pulling into the RHB lane getitng down from the car I looked back to see a whole broken off across 4 lanes, I was shaken thinking I had just driven thru that earlier.

Walking to the area thinking how I could help, I felt my hand shaking, heart pounding, I found a Nissan Serena and a few other cars trapped under. Worse was the Nissan pinned under, calling emergency services, as slowly the crowd help release the other cars. The tree fell across 4 lanes.

The most serious damage was near 2 lanes by the gold course. Damm it was nervy and scary, soon emergency services

II consider this a brush with death, maybe I’d decide that my life needed to change - that there is no reason why I should live the way I am. That life is too short. Everybody does things because they think they have to. That it’s their responsibility as adults. People say that you should enjoy life like every day might be your last…but do people really think like that??

I think different people have ways of dealing with these questions. Some people actually take themselves to the brink of life and death, day after day. Take for instance, rock climbers. Is it just fun? Or is it a way of staring death in the face, so as to validate their very existence? maybe I need something to validate my own existence.

But why are there so many people who don’t know why they are alive…people who don’t feel their existence IS valid, and so seek it out in ways that, to me, seem wrong. You shouldn’t have to face death to experience life. You shouldn’t become a hooker, a drug addict, a “successful” business person to validate you reason to be alive. People spend their lives “climbing the corporate ladder”, and what happens when they get to the top? They keep climbing.

Take a moment, break free of the chains that shackle you. I know I did. To a pleasent weekend away. Commie here I come


Anonymous said...

Vadai, good nothing happen to you. A good fren like you hard to get.

BTW you owe me coffee

Anonymous said...


Glad you alright, always can count on you to do the rihgt thing.


~*~LostSoul~*~ said...

thank God u're ok

ToothingJob said...

thank god, you are ok.
i witness a drunk guy hit a 20 feet lamp post & the post fell over the federal highway: Sun morning 6:10 AM just by the sunway-motorola bridge.

it could have hit me.

cheers bro

marie said...

glad ur ok vadai.. it would have been terrible!

u know what this means now dont u???... better give a thanks giving pool side dinner with BBQ chicken, spagetti, burgers, pizza, fries, loads of drinks, mash potatoe, pies... err what else ah?? cake, coffee, milo... etc

invite everyone and celebrate heheh yeah.. we can celebrate that your still alive and jiggling.

Anonymous said...

Thank god nothing happen to u my pakcik sayang. Kalo tak sapa nak ajak i clubbing, makan2 n lepak2 kalo i turun kl nanti. LOL. Kidding only la pakcik hehe. Glad ur ok. *kiss kiss* pakcik vadai.

Oit mek.. kejam la ko ni. Kesian pakcik aku tau hehe.


marie said...

biar la mek... ko belum try his cooking yet if u have ko pun mintak benda samer!!

cyber-red said...

hugs, sometimes we need a jerk to let us know what's important in our lives..

Angie said...

Hugs... Glad that u r fine.... Pity the lady...