Thursday, July 13, 2006

Backlog of Blogs

Wow, I just dont believe its Thursday.

There is so much I wan to blog about but have not had the time to do it, I start posting after my 3 day holiday overseas.

1. Walking around with cash
2. Sat with Jnr Vadai
3. German Win 3rd place
4. Sunday - Low Yatt, Walking Center of the road in Jln Bukit Bintang
5. How France Lost it?
5. Mama mia - Azzurie Win la and the guys at my house
6. Mon - Futsal tak jadi, undertable jadi - Full Moon
7. Tues - Missing meeting frens - 1 year on the job,
8. Superb Badminton Workout & Unsolicited advise
9. Leaving on a jet plane

Aiks did I say 3 day holiday lol, Subbie must be jelus... heading out of town and hope to come back recharged.

Blog when I am back


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