Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Great game Great Goal Great Save

Futsal yesterday started out with a little damper as by 8pm only 9 showed up form a record 15 the previous week. Started out 5 on 4 till Beem showed up a little late, then it was game on,, during the course of the game I switch to being keeper to try to recover. a 5 aside game, after a spell I got into the game and it was very taxing for everyone, the pace of the game and the tide of the game.

It was a worthy workout and that the idea of thse session then weekly you show progression. I thunder bolted 2 great goals which my buddy Jen could not have saved but on a free ball shot at goal he charged at me to block the shot, as I began to take the shot mid high i crashed into the giant spectularly as he went crashign down and a goal saved. Well done Jen.

Almost crawl out of the the picth muscles all sore. And I love it

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